Everyone Plays, Everyone Succeeds

Children and sports are a natural combination. Being part of an athletic team is critical to the growth and development of every child. As athletes, children develop key character traits including commitment, responsibility, honor, perseverance, cooperation, leadership and sportsmanship.

Every student deserves to benefit from being part of a team. The Summit offers a three-season athletic schedule that fields 20 Varsity teams in grades seven through twelve.  A parent-run program provides students in kindergarten through grade 6 the chance to participate in team sports at a young age.

Students who have the drive, desire and commitment to play a sport have the opportunity to do so, regardless of physical attributes, skill level or ability. The “no cut” policy at The Summit celebrates the opportunity for all students to be successful, and in recent years, Summit and athletic success have become synonymous. 

Since 2004, when Athletic Director Gregory Dennis joined The Summit, the Silver Knights have won 12 team state championships and six individual state championships. 

The success isn't limited to the high school level either. Currently, almost 50 Summit alumni are playing sports at the collegiate level. 

The importance of athletics in the development of youth - their minds, their bodies and their spirit - has never been greater. The Summit is proud of its outstanding athletic program because when everyone plays, everyone succeeds.


I try to teach them that every day is important. Every day is a chance to get better and to make a positive impression. That’s a lesson that will help them as players and in life.Ryan Fleming

I enjoy this sport because there’s an event for everyone and the improvements are so measurable. The athletes can see their hard work pay off.   Kim Horning
Girls' track and field coach

I tell the girls, ‘Life is full of opportunities. Make one decision a day that scares you. That’s how you grow.’ I believe in them, and I push them to challenge themselves in the water.  Susan Miller
Girls’ Swimming Coach 

I look at the game differently now. After passing the course, (A-Youth licensure from the US Soccer Federation) I’m better able to coach positionally and to identify and exploit our opponent’s weaknesses.   Scott Sievering
Varsity Boys' Soccer Coach 

I honestly enjoy coaching all levels. From the player who has never touched a racket to the high-level players who qualify for state competition.Scott McIntosh
Boys' Tennis Coach

Running teaches perseverance. It teaches life lessons that will help make kids into better adults – better parents, better spouses, better employees. It’s more than running. Kurtis Smith
Cotton Family Varsity Cross Country Head Coach

My advice to golfers is to practice and play regularly. Putt every hole as if the championship is on the line -- it may be!Jeff Stayton
Varsity Boys' Golf Coach

My coaching philosophy focuses on developing leadership through the program. The older players are placed into positions of leadership to teach and mentor the younger players.Michael Fee
Varsity Girls' SOCCER Coach

Through athletics, students learn many important lessons in life -- respect of opponents and fair play, teamwork, self-discipline, leadership and integrity.Michelle Hellman
varsity Girls' TENNIS Coach

My main objective is to encourage the girls to be the best ambassadors for their team, their school and women's golf through their efforts to improve their own skills and their sportsmanship on the course. Golf is a sport dependent on personal integrity and I want my girls to know the value of doing what is right in all circumstances.

varsity Girls' GOLF Coach

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Greg Dennis

Greg Dennis

Athletic Director
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Beth Simmons

Assistant Athletic Director
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Erica Miknius

Administrative Assistant
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