Athletics: At Summit, Everyone Plays, Everyone Succeeds

Children and sports are a natural combination. Being part of an athletic team is critical to the growth and development of a child … every child.  As athletes, children develop key character traits including commitment, responsibility, honor, perseverance, cooperation, leadership, and sportsmanship.

Being a member of a team teaches children how to win and lose gracefully, how to strategize, how to use strengths to   overcome  weaknesses and achieve success, and how to respect the human body for its agility, endurance, and resiliency.

The philosophy at The Summit is that   every student deserves to benefit from being part of the team. The Summit offers a three-season athletic schedule that fields 20 Varsity and 11 Junior Varsity teams in grades seven through twelve.  A parent-run program provides students in kindergarten through grade 6 the chance to participate in team sports at a very young age. Eighty-four percent of The Summit’s Upper School students participate in one or more sports and have a winning 74 percent record.

Every student who has the drive, desire and commitment to play a sport has the opportunity to do so, regardless of physical attributes, skill level, or ability.  The emphasis on team sports is not about doing whatever it takes to get the win, but about doing your best, supporting your team, and developing healthy habits that can be applied over a lifetime.

The “no cut” policy at The Summit celebrates the opportunity for all students to be successful, but it does not mean losing teams. Much to the contrary, The Summit is known for sending teams to compete at the state level in boys and girls soccer, tennis, golf and wrestling. In addition, Summit athletes hold state and regional records in their respective sports, receive athletic scholarships, and go on to play at the varsity level on college and university teams around the country.

Over the last five years, approximately fifteen percent of our graduates have gone on to participate in NCAA collegiate athletics, in sports ranging from football and lacrosse to soccer and golf.

The importance of sports and athletics in the development of youth - their minds, their bodies, and their spirit - has never been greater. The Summit is proud of its outstanding athletic program because when everyone plays, everyone succeeds.