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Enduring sport provides lifetime of enjoyment

While bowling is often thought of as a recreational activity, it is a competitive sport at The Summit. Like other sports, a winning season comes down to skill, strategy and execution.

From the first bowling season at The Summit in 2007, athletes have continued to break school records year by year. At the end of the 2021 season, every record in the girls program had been set new. Much of the team's success can be attributed to Coach Ed Escudero, a champion bowler who qualified for the 2023 National Senior Olympics Games.

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2023-24 Bowling Teams

Summit bowling coach
Summit bowling coach

Chemistry teacher Ed Escudero retired from The Summit but has stayed on as head coach of the varsity girls team and overall program coordinator. He picked up the sport in high school and competed for the Saint Louis University bowling team in 1971-72. Michael Pierce is the varsity boys’ coach. The junior varsity teams are coached by two Summit alumni: Jamie Escudero '04 (boys) and Brad Bedacht '10 (girls).