Summit bowler

Enduring sport provides lifetime of enjoyment

While bowling can be a recreational activity, it is a competitive sport at The Summit. Skill, strategy and execution are hallmarks of this Ohio High School Athletic Association-sanctioned program.

As The Summit’s programs have evolved, so to have bowlers’ triumphs. The boys’ team won a MVC championship in 2015 and advanced to the district finals, while Class of 2017 bowler Lillian Chow qualified for district tournaments as an individual all four years of her high school career.

Summit bowling coach
Summit bowling coach

The Summit bowling program started in 2007 after students asked Ed Escudero to coach. He led the boys’ and girls’ varsity and JV teams until 2009. Coach Escudero, a retired chemistry teacher at The Summit,  now helms the girls’ teams. He picked up the sport in high school and competed for the Saint Louis University bowling team in 1971-72. Michael Pierce is the head coach for the boys’ team.