Community Update 6

Community Update 6

As I mentioned earlier, students will not be here after the end of school today. Following the directive of the governor’s office, we intend to reopen on Monday, April 6. During this time, administrative offices will remain open, but we will close our gyms, fields and playgrounds. Also following the governor’s directive on polling places, the hallway outside Flannery Gym will be open for voting on Tuesday. 

As public health officials have emphasized, remote learning will not be effective unless it is accompanied by social distancing strategies. We urge that you restrict the social interactions of the children in the coming days.  

Next week, while teachers are in training on remote learning best practices and developing on-line lessons, students should complete by Thursday, March 19 any work that has been previously assigned. Teachers will post new assignments on the Portal that day. Also, next week we will provide a communication that explains to students and parents how to navigate portal pages for content material that will be posted. If you need technical assistance, email

As we move to remote learning, it is important to note that Summit will not require synchronous classes. Such classes happen in real time with students logging in virtually to participate in the class at the same time, often using a video conferencing platform. With asynchronous classes, students engage in coursework at their own pace within a given time frame, often using the school's learning management system (Portal). While there are many benefits to gathering online together, schools who have experience with online classes have found that asynchronous instruction works better for deeper learning. In addition, the technology and time requirements of synchronous learning pose challenges for our community. We are sensitive to households with multiple children and a limited number of computers at home, just as we are sensitive to the many ways family schedules will need to be flexible during this remote learning period. Asynchronous classes will honor our commitment to engage your children in the curriculum while also ensuring they are not in front of a screen all day long.

Beginning Monday, March 23, teachers will post on the Portal the Plan for the Week by 10 a.m., so students know the expectations of them over the five-day period.  We expect teachers to be available on-line at least two hours each day for feedback/answers to questions.  Teachers will communicate their availability to the students.

Parents are expected to email or call their division’s administrative assistant when children are ill and unable to participate in remote learning. Because this remote learning is prompted by the coronavirus, please advise us of the illness your child is suffering.

This is a good opportunity for our students to practice use of online communications in a positive way. Please review our acceptable use policy for technology. It is located in the Coronavirus Resources and Policies folder on the Portal.   

Thank you for your patience as we work out the details of remote learning. Throughout the remote learning period, you will receive regular email from us, from academic directors and from teachers. You can reach all of us by email (addresses in the directory) and via the Portal. 

Rich Wilson
Head of School