Students present on topics facing the globalized world

Students present on topics facing the globalized world

Senior Hali Clark presents her AP Human Geography research poster on “Fluctuation in Gender Disparity” to classmates during Global Evening. Photo by Jolene Barton.

By Joseph Delamerced

The Rohingya: Never Again. Progress and Respect: A History of Race and the NFL. Corporate America: Changing the Face of Diversity.

These are the names of just a few of the projects that were displayed at the fourth-annual Global Evening on March 14 at The Summit Country Day School. Led by students of Tracy Law, Ph.D.’s AP Human Geography classes, the Global Evening experience centered around “The Power of Place,” or the importance of understanding and appreciating human diversity in an increasingly globalized world. 

Three breakout sessions about Iran’s politics and economy, the Rohingyan Crisis, and the impacts of immigrants on American society began the evening.

The presentations were well-received as the presenters raised difficult questions and important takeaways about their topics.

After the sessions, students presented a poster of independent research on topics of their choice. Presentations covered a broad scope, including economic inequality, meals around the world and even the global rise of “K-Pop” (Korean pop music).

“It was nice to do a project that truly sparked my interests,” says Hali Clark, a senior who presented a poster about the current state of economic equality around the world. “Everyone’s posters and presentations were really impressive.”

Although the Global Evening concluded around 8 p.m., many stayed and continued to present to visitors who were thoroughly engaged by the varied topics.

“I’m proud of my students,” says Dr. Law. “I heard a lot of healthy, open discussions. I knew that each and every one of these kids could handle the thought-provoking questions.”

Joseph Delamerced is a senior and a staff member of the student newspaper, Insight.

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