Summit CDS eighth grade hosts annual event “Hear My Story; Be My Voice”

Summit CDS eighth grade hosts annual event “Hear My Story; Be My Voice”

Rabbi Abie Ingber tells his story as part of the “Celebration of Voices.”

Eighth grade students in The Summit Country Day’s Harold C. Schott Middle School hosted 60 members of the Cincinnati community on May 29 in the school’s Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel as part of the school’s sixth annual “Hear My Story; Be My Voice: Giving a Voice to Humanity” presentation. 

This project, which is part of The Summit’s Character Education Program, seeks to teach eighth graders about justice. To complete the capstone, students are asked to record the experiences of individuals who have fought injustice and share their stories each year through various mediums. 

They interview survivors of the Holocaust and other acts of genocide, war veterans, people who grew up in poverty, operators of small family farms, immigrants, civil rights activists, Peace Corps volunteers, recovering addicts and others.

Those 60 stories and the people behind them were recognized and celebrated during the “Celebration of Voices” in the chapel.

Their stories are also told in the sixth installment of the book “Hear My Story; Be My Voice.” To date, eighth grade students at The Summit have told 357 stories through the capstone project. 

“Within the stories, you will discover a harmony of voices, a diverse experience of life, an ever-present sense of optimism -  a strong tower of stones – a cairn of hope - stories which stand stacked together in solidarity wielding the weapons of humanity: respect, empathy, inclusion, love and justice,” said language arts department coordinator and teacher Rosie Sansalone.

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