Summit Latin club attends NJCL Convention at Miami

Summit Latin club attends NJCL Convention at Miami

The Summit Country Day School Latin teacher Larry Dean, middle, is flanked by his children Julia, left, and Tullus, right, after he is awarded the Silver Bowl for his longtime service to the National Junior Classical League.

The Summit Country Day School Latin club students accrued four first-place finishes at the 2018 National Junior Classical League Convention July 23-28 at Miami University, attended by 1,400 students, teachers and adult chaperones. 

Freshman Abby Almaguer, Loveland, earned first place in Constructed Charts. Junior Ryan Burns, Anderson Township, and class of 2018 graduate Patrick Casanas captured first place for their skit in Roll Call. Fellow 2018 graduates Davis DeFoor and Joseph Delamerced earned the top spot in Classical Greek Test and Individual Community Service, respectively.  

Four Summit students were recognized at the General Assembly for their performance on the National Latin Exam. Freshman Irene Calderon, Hyde Park, and eighth grader Nicholas Stanis, Delhi, earned Perfect Papers. That accomplishment is achieved by less than one percent of students. Seniors Julia Dean, Mt. Washington, and Brandon Harris, Amberley, were honored for their excellence on the National Latin Exam, each of them winning a fourth-consecutive gold medal. 

Joseph and Julia finished second in the nation as webmasters of the Ohio Junior Classical League website. Joseph won $500 dollars for his performance on the three NJCL online exams.  

Senior Brigid Devine, Anderson Township, and junior Connie Nelson, Hyde Park, finished in fifth place for The Summit’s Latin publication, Vox Latina 

The Ohio Novice Certamen team of Irene, Jimmy and Kendall finished eighth in the nation.  

The Summit sent a delegation of 22 students, two teachers and five recent graduates. Top placers were: 

  • Abby Almaguer, freshman, Loveland. Abby won first place in Constructed Charts, fourth in Pottery, seventh in Games and Illustrated Quotes and 10th in Drawn Charts. 
  • Alex Almaguer, senior, Loveland. Alex earned a sixth-place finish in Mosaics. 
  • Maliah Bricking, junior, Sharonville. Maliah finished 12th on the Mythology Test. 
  • Parker Bricking, freshman, Sharonville. Parker finished second in Constructed Charts and fifth in Poetry. 
  • Ryan Burns, junior, Anderson Township. Ryan finished 19th on the Latin Grammar Test. 
  • Irene Calderon, freshman, Hyde Park. She finished fourth on the Greek Derivatives Test, fifth on the Academic Heptathlon Test and the Latin Derivatives Test, ninth on the Latin Vocabulary Test and Mythology Test and 10th on the Mottoes Test.  
  • Patrick Casanas finished 21st on the Ancient Geography Test.  
  • Julia Dean, senior, Mt. Washington. Julia finished 16th on the Greek Derivatives Test. 
  • Davis DeFoor finished first on the Classical Greek Test and ninth on the Reading Comprehension Test. 
  • Joseph Delamerced finished first in Individual Community Service.     
  • Jimmy Fraley, freshman, Covington. He finished fifth on the Classical Arts Test and seventh on the Roman Life Test. 
  • Brandon Harris, senior, Amberley. Brandon finished 15th on the Reading Comprehension Test. 
  • Emily Harris, senior, Amberley. Emily finished 20th on the Reading Comprehension Test.  
  • Elsa Khan, junior, Mason. Elsa finished 20th on the Classical Arts Test.  
  • Wali Khan, eighth grade, Mason. Wali finished 10th on the Academic Heptathlon Test 
  • Caroline Klette finished 17th on the Mythology Test.  
  • Connie Nelson, junior, Hyde Park. She finished third in Drawn Maps, fifth in Tradition Photography, sixth in Black Pencil Drawing and Pastel Drawing, seventh in Colored Pencil Drawing, eighth in Charcoal Drawing and Watercolor Drawing and 10th in Ink Drawing and Mixed Media. 
  • Sam Parker, eighth grade, Loveland. Sam finished third in Open Certamen and Large Models and fifth on the Mottoes Test.  
  • Kendall Richard, freshman, Oakley. Kendall finished fourth in Mosaics. 
  • Nicholas Stanis, eighth grade, Delhi. Nicholas finished second in Cartoons, fourth on the Academic Heptathlon Test and Mythology Test, fifth on the Roman History Test, seventh on the Roman Life Test and 10th on the Reading Comprehension Test and Colored Pencil Drawing. 
  • Jennifer Sullivan, freshman, Morrow. Jennifer finished fifth in Mosaics. 
  • Kathryn Sullivan, junior, Morrow. Kathryn finished second in Weapons and Armor, third in Mosaics, fifth in Games and sixth in Jewelry.      

As part of a longstanding tradition, Summit students and teachers have held offices every year for the past 20 years. 

Julia Dean has been on the Ohio JCL Executive Board for two years and is serving as its 2nd Vice President. Ryan Burns is the OJCL Regional Coordinator of Service Activities. Tullus Dean ’17, now a Xavier University student, is the Secretary of the Ohio Senior Classical League, the college organization which assists the NJCL at its conventions. 

This was Latin teacher Larry Dean’s 20th convention, and he was awarded the Silver Bowl for his longtime service to the NJCL. He has served as the OJCL Certamen Coach for 19 years. Under his tutelage, all three levels of the Ohio certamen teams advanced to the semifinals this year. Fellow Latin teacher Lisa Mays '05 is in her first year of a three-year tenure as the OJCL Chair of Students. In this capacity, she serves as mentor to all the student members of the Executive Board and oversees all the activities of the OJCL.