Summit student to present at national cardiology conference

Summit student to present at national cardiology conference


The work of a senior in The Summit Country Day School’s Science Research Institute has been accepted for presentation at the American College of Cardiology's (ACC) annual conference this year.

Victoria Walton, Hyde Park, was invited to present an abstract poster presentation of her research into heart failure treatment at ACC’s 68th Annual Scientific Session, March 16-18, in New Orleans.

Victoria is one of 11 students in the Science Research Institute who participated in scientific research at area laboratories in the summer of 2018. Victoria assisted Dr. Lynne Wagoner at Mercy Health – The Heart Institute with a clinical cardiology study on Entresto, the heart failure treatment, within a community hospital. 

“Poster presentations are a standard method of communication among science researchers,” said Jessica Replogle, Ph.D., head of the Science Research Institute. “Poster sessions at scientific meetings are an effective way to communicate your ongoing research project and receive constructive feedback in a one-on-one conversation as attendees browse the exhibit hall. The research papers that scientists write are usually quite long, so posters serve as a visual representation of research that focuses on making the scientific information accessible to anyone unfamiliar with the project. The poster has all the components of a research paper but more visuals and less text. Because this is what is expected in the collegiate and scientific research communities, we teach students in the Institute how to write research papers and develop poster presentations.”

A gifted research writer, Victoria was also published in the fall issue of the Concord Review, a national publication that champions high school research writing. Victoria wrote a 64-page paper about Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a World War II German army officer and resistance leader whose failed attempt to assassinate Adolph Hitler came to be known as the “20 July plot” or Operation Valkyrie.  

The Science Research Institute is a unique-to-Cincinnati program that places Summit high school students in authentic research laboratories with professional mentors. Students take three courses in science research and writing in which they become familiar with the equipment used in laboratories and learn how to research and write scientific papers.

Victoria and 10 other seniors will present posters and presentations of their research at The Summit’s Science Research Institute Colloquium on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Altogether, 76 students have been enrolled in the Science Research Institute since it began in 2012, including 12 juniors who will participate in labs during this upcoming summer. The Summit is seeking research scientists, clinicians and engineers interesting in providing summer research internships. Go to