47 SCDS alumni compete at college level

Mike Barwick played college football at Indiana

Mike Barwick, Jr. ’14 finished his undergraduate degree in management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University but remained through the football season to finish his last year of eligibility.

While The Summit Country Day School’s rigorous curriculum opens doors at colleges and universities across the country, Summit athletes are in even stronger demand. 47 alumni athletes are currently competing at the collegiate level this academic year.

“Not only do our coaches do a phenomenal job in developing the skills of their players, but beyond skilled players, college teams need players who also boost the team grade point average,” said Head of School Rich Wilson. “That’s another reason Summit athletes are in demand at the collegiate level. College coaches also know our athletes are trained to be leaders of character who enhance the dynamics of their teams. There are not behavioral worries with Summit athletes.”

Here is a roster of The Summit’s current collegiate athletes: 
Brennan Gick '18, Northern Kentucky University 
Mark Peterson '15, University of Dallas 
Eric Terry '15, Emory University 

Kiana Allen '18, Bethel College 
Kiley Barnard '15, Berea College 
Malauna Campbell '15, University of Charleston 
Alex Dahling '17, Lincoln Memorial University 
Alea Harris '18, Wofford College 
Sam Martin '17, University of Cincinnati 
Meghan O'Brien '17, U.S. Coast Guard Academy 
Tyrice Walker, Jr. '17, Thomas More University 
Antonio Woods '14, University of Pennsylvania 
Niah Woods ’18, Howard University   

XC/Track and Field 
Margo Dailey '17, University of Tampa 
Tullus Dean '17, Xavier University 
Shabnam Fayyaz '16, Earlham College 
Grady Stuckman '15, Franciscan University  
Adelaide Tsueda '15, College of Wooster 
Niah Woods ’18, Howard University  

Emma Hellmann '17, The Ohio State University  
Stewart Spanbauer '15, North Carolina State University 

Field Hockey 
Claire Hellmann '17, St. Louis University 
Eva Nicholson '18, DePauw University 

Zairn Davis '17, Urbana University 
Tyler Hannah '15, Mount St. Joseph University  
Xavier Johnson '18, The Ohio State University 
Allen Waltz '17, University of Dayton 
Michael Warden '18, Vanderbilt University  

Harrison Schertzinger '18, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Henry Schertzinger ’18, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Will Doran '18, Ohio Northern University
Sydney Beckmeyer '16, James Madison University 
Isabella Yagodich '17, Mercer University  
Caroline Kranz '16, Clemson University 
Ravin Alexander '18, University of Louisville 
Cameron Belle '17, Xavier University 
Jessica De Jesus '17, High Point University 
Bryce Hueber '14, Ohio University  
Brendan Jones '16, Thomas More University 
Gracie Kunkel '16, Thomas More University 
Charlie Maciejewski '16, Bowling Green State University 
Lily Melink '18, Gettysburg College 
Nick Mishu '18, Wright State University 
Erik Sigman '17, Drake University  
Austin Smythe '15, University of Cincinnati 
Mimi Stines '18, University of Dayton 
Diego Vallota '18, Wright State University