Summit sends Destination Imagination team to state tournament

Summit students participate in Destination Imagination event

L to R: Mirabella Bosse, Benedict Domville, Kwadwo Karikari, Finn Kropp, Language Arts teacher Brendan McEachern, Lily Gentes and Kira Njegovan earned first place at the regional Destination Imagination tournament.

After taking first place at a regional Destination Imagination tournament last weekend, the “Monster Hunters” team will represent The Summit Country Day School and the Cincinnati region at the state competition March 30 in East Liverpool. 

The purpose of Destination Imagination is to engage participants in project-based challenges that are designed to build confidence and develop extraordinary creativity, critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills. 

The team consisting of sixth graders Benedict Domville, East Walnut Hills; Mirabella Bosse, Hyde Park; Lily Gentes, Blue Ash; Kwadwo Karikari, Monroe; Finn Kropp, Indian Hill; and Kira Njegovan, Anderson Township, competed in the engineering challenge, “Monster Effects.” 

Objectives of that challenge include designing and building a structure that can support weight without breaking, testing the structure by placing weights on it and removing them and creating/presenting a story in which the sudden appearance of a monster has surprising results. 

Then, students create a special effect to enhance the appearance of the monster and/or the events surrounding the monster in the story and create/present elements that show off the team’s interests, skills, areas of strength and talents.  

The students, coached by Language Arts teacher Brendan McEachern, are all in their first year participating in Destination Imagination.   

“This challenge certainly pushed me away from my academic territory when I was advising a team member on how to create a structure built by pieces of wood and glue and have it hold over 300 pounds,” Mr. McEachern said. “We also had to work with the school’s 3-D printer to design an item that could move down a ramp successfully and into a pot of bubbling chemicals. I was measuring angles, testing structures and watching chemical reactions. I was quite surprised when the sixth graders chose this challenge.” 

The Summit had two other teams compete in the regional tournament.  

Religion teacher Laura Dennemann’s “Mind Prisoners” team finished third in their category. 

The team consisting of eighth grader Shannon Dennemann, Norwood; eighth grader Wali Khan, Mason; eighth grader Gloria Knight, College Hill; sixth grader Carleigh Gottenbusch, Anderson Township; sixth grader Colin Koran, Dry Run; sixth grader Annette LaLonde, Indian Hill; and sixth grader Charlotte Thompson, Anderson Township discussed the challenges of dealing with depression through a performance.  

The Scary Sisters team, led by Mary Kate Newton, Middle School librarian and Exploratarium Coordinator, built their own structure which held more than 100 pounds and performed an original skit. 

The team consisted of fifth grader Sophia Blackshaw Brown, East Walnut Hills; fifth grader Elizabeth Klocek, Delhi Township; fifth grader Gabriella Knight, College Hill; fifth grader Kaitlyn Rassi, Mariemont; fourth grader Tessa Dennemann, Norwood; fourth grader Ama Karikari, Monroe; and fourth grader Abigayle Penote, Anderson Township.