The Summit awards scholarships to 57 incoming freshmen

57 students were awarded scholarships

The Summit Country Day School awarded merit and endowed scholarships to 57 incoming freshmen on Wednesday, March 13 in a ceremony in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel.

The Summit Country Day School awarded merit and endowed scholarships to 57 incoming freshmen on Wednesday, March 13 in a ceremony in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel. 

These students in the Class of 2023 come from 18 private and public schools across Greater Cincinnati and included a student from Switzerland and one who was homeschooled. Altogether, The Summit awarded 23 endowed scholarships and 34 merit scholarships.   

One of the endowed scholarships, the Summit Family Fund Scholarship, was awarded for the first time this year. Created by combining 55 small family funds into one, it is now the school’s second largest scholarship. Three students in the class of 2023 received it.  

Endowed scholarships are funds established by parents, grandparents, alumni and friends of The Summit who hope to assist in providing a Summit education to future generations of students. Each merit scholar was selected based on high academic achievement, testing, character references, teacher recommendations, an individual interview and an essay.  

“We are looking for students who can handle the academic rigor of The Summit and who have potential to become the peacemakers and changemakers that our world needs,” said Rich Wilson, Head of School. “These students have demonstrated through strong academic performance, standardized testing and participation in a variety of extracurricular activities that they are highly dedicated. Through our five-pillar mission, we will give them opportunities to shine academically, spiritually, physically, socially and artistically. We believe they have tremendous potential to become leaders of character.” 

These 23 students received endowed scholarships.  

From All Saints: Ana Isabella Benevides Orta, Ragland Family Scholarship. Bethany School: Maya Wood, Ragland Family Scholarship; and Austen Young, Arthur and Irma Theobald Scholarship. Homeschooled: Anastasia Leyendecker, Mary Foss Brinkmeyer ’67 Scholarship. Mason Middle School: Kayla Allen, Marc Bohlke Memorial Scholarship; Kelsey Bello, Summit Family Fund Scholarship; and Liliana Friesen, Ruth Jung Conway ’46 Memorial Scholarship.  

St. Boniface: Arielle Barnes, Arthur and Irma Theobald Scholarship. St. Gertrude: Mia Fiore, Robert T. Hertzel ’81 Memorial Scholarship; James Gruber, Carolyn and John R. LaBar Family Scholarship; and Thomas Stines, William J. Williams SBS ’29 Scholarship. St. Ignatius of Loyola:  Dalton Slusher, Richard F. Williams SBS ’58 Scholarship. St. Mary-Hyde Park: Jerome Goodloe, Arthur and Irma Theobald Scholarship. St. Joseph: Kennedi Dukes, Arthur and Irma Theobald Scholarship. St. Margaret of York: Lillian Charville, Susan S. Castleberry Scholarship; and Andrew Shuler, Carol Ann and Rich Wilson Family Scholarship.  

The Summit’s Harold C. Schott Middle School: Shannon Dennemann, Summit Family Fund Scholarship; Rimel Kamran, Ragland Family Scholarship; Patrick McHugh, Patricia and Joseph H. Clasgens II SBS ’37 Scholarship; Logan Miller, Virginia Pohl Family Scholarship. Sacred Heart of Jesus: Kyla Irby, James E. Evans Scholarship; and Gabrielle Martin, Marge and Charles J. Schott Scholarship. Walnut Hills: Mary Donnelly, Summit Family Fund Scholarship.  

These students were named Summit Scholars and received merit scholarships. 

All Saints: Ana Isabella Benevides Orta. Bethany School: Reagan Heard and Maya Wood. Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori: Mia Rahner and Philip Wilhelmy. Homeschool: Anastasia Leyendecker. International School of Geneva Campus des Nations: Kathleen Fitzpatrick. Liberty Junior Middle School: Jacob Carrico.  

St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Anna Reineck. St. Columban: Angela Good. St. Gertrude: Andrew Barhorst, Erik Deal, Oscar Loehrer and Larkin Woodward. St. Margaret of York: Alexander Carlson, Lillian Charville, Ryan Gielas, Benjamin Jacob, Liam Lakhia and Elijah Sparks. St. Mary-Hyde Park: Anna Pichler and Fiona Pichler. St. Ursula Villa: Jonathan Fletcher and Alexander Rojas.  

The Summit’s Middle School: Ella Barnes, Allison Burns, Savannah Eveslage, Lavina Grzymajlo, Maya Hajjar, Gwen Hellmann, Jack Hollenbeck, Rimel Kamran, Wali Khan, Owen McEachern, Thomas McGrath, William McLane, Logan Miller, Samuel Parker, Jack Robinson and Patrick Schaaf.