60 SCDS students join the National Honor Society

SCD students join National Honor Society during ceremony

The Summit Country Day School inducted 60 new members into the National Honor Society (NHS) during a ceremony on March 15.

The Summit Country Day School inducted 60 new members into the National Honor Society (NHS) during a ceremony on March 15 in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel. 

As the guest speaker during the ceremony, Steven T. Herbert, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate School at Xavier University spoke to Upper School students, families and faculty about a lesson he learned too late in life: the value of embracing failure. “I thought I would share with you not so much advice but rather a reflection on what I wish I had known when I was sitting in your seat:  I wish I had learned to embrace failure sooner.”  

Dr. Herbert, who has a bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics from Xavier University and in a Ph.D. from Ohio State University in experimental condensed matter physics, said he didn’t learn the value of failure until he was in graduate school. 

“As an experimental physicist, I discovered that when something worked the first time, I didn’t give the situation a second thought – why would I?” he said. “But when things did not work, as they inevitably would, I was forced to dig in and discover why they did not work. Not only was it more fun, more challenging, and I learned more, I also grew in confidence and courage – I came to know that there were few challenges that I could not overcome.”   

Dr. Herbert’s message dovetails with The Summit’s character-based leadership program in which students are taught such things as courage, perseverance, patience and responsibility.  

“The National Honor Society has strict requirements students must meet in order to be inducted,” said Head of School Rich Wilson. “Our school motto is ‘Aim High.’ We sure had a lot of students do just that this year, which caused them to meet the qualifications.”  

Juniors inducted into NHS were: Adaliene Andsager, Mt. Lookout; James Armitage, Hyde Park; William Bachman, Loveland; Isabel Bishop, Mason; Sydni Black, East Walnut Hills; Maliah Bricking, Sharonville; Abigail Brinkman, Hyde Park; Anna Claire Bristow, Hyde Park; Conor Brodie, Anderson Township; Peyton Bulla, Mt. Lookout; Ryan Burns, Dry Run; Payton Campbell, East Walnut Hills; Lucia Castellini, Hyde Park; Katherine Chamberlin, Anderson Township; Michelle Chen, Anderson Township; Catherine Coldiron, Covington, Ky; Brian DeWine; Hyde Park; Brooke Dittman, Hyde Park; Zoe Edmondson, Hyde Park; Sophia Evans, Glendale; Shiyi "Freya" Fang, Mason; Douglas Fassler, Hyde Park; Makayla Fisher, West Chester Township;  Meredith Gilbert, Anderson Township; Jessica Headley, Cherry Grove; Elsa Khan, Mason; Karmah Khoury, Symmes Township; Pierce Kreider, East Walnut Hills; John LaBar, Mount Lookout; Catherine LaLonde, Indian Hill; Junbo “Tom” Li, Mason; Maria Luiso, Indian Hill; Michael Luttmer, Anderson Township; Rachel Martin, College Hill; Michael Marx, Hyde Park; Katherine Nazzaro, Indian Hill; Constance Nelson, Hyde Park; Leah Neltner; Symmes Township; Noah Pacitti, Maineville; Carissa Parker, Loveland; Sophia Pilon, Loveland; Keelin Rademacher, Loveland; Madeline Riley, East Walnut Hills; Isabella Santamarina, Loveland; John Schmerge, Anderson Township; Isabel Schomburger, Hyde Park; Jake Simpson, Maineville; Rebecca Smith, Hyde Park; Michael Stanis, White Oak; Kathryn Sullivan, Morrow; Sarah Sutton, Morning View, Ky; Emely Villalba, Loveland; Emily Warden, Loveland; Matthew Warden, Loveland; Sophia Young, Columbia-Tusculum; Jietong "Thomas" Zhang, Kennedy Heights; Ziyan Zhang; Zejun "Mark" Zhou, Mason.  

Seniors Noah Hudepohl, Hyde Park, and Mikayla Roma, Montgomery, were also inducted.