Summit Montessori teacher awarded XU’s Hilda Rothschild Scholarship

Arielle Wilson

Montessori teacher Arielle Wilson was awarded the Xavier University Montessori Institute's inaugural Hilda Rothschild Scholarship for 2019-2020.

The Xavier University Montessori Institute has awarded Summit Country Day School Montessori teacher Arielle Wilson its inaugural Hilda Rothschild Scholarship for 2019-2020. 

Arielle received her B.A. in Psychology from Ohio University and started to work in the 2018-19 school year in The Summit’s Montessori Program while she continued her graduate coursework. She expects to receive her M.Ed in Montessori Education in the spring of 2021. The award was given at Xavier Honors Day on April 6. A resident of Winton Woods, she is a 2006 graduate of The Summit and has one of her two daughters, Amelia, enrolled in The Summit’s Montessori preschool. 

The Xavier University Montessori Institute’s new scholarship was named in honor of Hilda Rothschild, who opened the first graduate level Montessori program in 1965 at Xavier University. Ms. Rothchild played a significant role in establishing Montessori education in the public sector and opened the first preschool classroom in the Xavier University Montessori Lab School.  

The scholarship embodies the philosophy, rigor, and service that Hilda Rothchild deemed so necessary as a Montessori educator. It will be awarded to graduate students and licensure candidates, entering the practicum phase, who demonstrate high achievement in the studies of Montessori education and contribute service to the community. 

The Summit is one of a few schools in Greater Cincinnati which applies the Montessori philosophy in an educational program for children as young as 18-months.