Summit CDS presents ‘Alice in Wonderland’ on Campus Day

Summit Middle School students perform "Alice in Wonderland."

In this scene from the April 28 Summit Country Day School production of “Alice in Wonderland,” The Mad Hatter, played by TJ McGrath, demonstrates how his singing has caused the Queen of hearts to order his head cut off. Savannah Eveslage depicts Alice, Gloria Knight portrays the March Hare and Sasha Woodard plays the Doormouse. Photo by Jolene Barton.

Middle Schoolers at Summit Country Day Middle School made certain that April 28, Campus Day, would be a “very important date” with their production of “Alice in Wonderland.” 

Tom Peters, the Middle and Upper School theater director, says he chose to add “Alice” to a string of literary adaptations that has included “Winnie the Pooh” and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” because the familiar title would be sure to please the young families that come to Campus Day to celebrate the arts.   

Author Lewis Carroll introduced readers to Alice, a frantic rabbit, a grinning cat and one wild tea party in 1865. Peters said the story’s sprawling narrative allowed him to include as many students as possible in the production.  

Eighth grader Savannah Eveslage, Hamilton, performed the title role, with seventh grader Sarah Stewart, Hyde Park, as the White Rabbit, fifth grader Hana Conte, Anderson Township as the Cheshire Cat, eighth grader TJ McGrath, Hyde Park, as the Mad Hatter and seventh grader Mia Cavallo, Hyde Park, as the Queen of Hearts.  

Rounding out the cast:   

Fifth graders Sophia BlackshawBrown, East Walnut Hills; Emily Bolan, Hyde Park; Katie Buckius, Hyde Park; Kenyon Byrd, Liberty Township; Lucy Hayes, Pleasant Ridge; Callie Karageorges, Anderson Township; Gabby Knight, College Hill; Elizabeth Klocek, Delhi Township; Kaitlyn Rassi, Mariemont; Harper Wood, Newport; and Sasha Woodard, Walnut Hills; sixth graders Benedict Domville, East Walnut Hills, Charlotte Thompson, Anderson Township; seventh grader Madison Metzner, Anderson Township; and eighth graders Shannon Dennemann, Norwood; Kam Givan, Forest Park; Wali Khan, Mason; and Gloria Knight, College Hill. 

Mr. Peters’ productions always include leadership opportunities for stage veterans and crew members. In this production, sophomore Emma Mautz, Anderson Township, served as stage manager and assistant director. Sophomore Margot Lakes, Anderson Township, was the sound board manger. Eighth grader Ryan Schnitter, Clermont County’s Union Township, managed the light board. 

Find a gallery of photos of the play here.