College Counseling Director pens book covering admission process

College counselor writes book.

Dr. Accrocco’s book is available now.

Dr. Nick J. Accrocco, The Summit’s College Counseling Director, co-authored a book detailing methods for parents and students how to survive the college admission process. The book is entitled “Achieving Admisson: How to Help Students Get into Selective Colleges and Keep Everyone Sane in the Process.”  

“I wish I’d had this book when my kids were in the hunt for colleges,” said Summit Head of School Rich Wilson. “It contains a lot of insider information and helpful tips, and it’s highly entertaining. Some of the stories are absolutely hilarious.” 

While he was working at St. John’s School in Houston, Dr. Accrocco helped the son of David Nathan, his co-author and one of St. John’s English teachers, with his college search. After the search was complete, Mr. Nathan was still interested in the process, and kept picking Dr. Accrocco’s brain. Soon after their discussions, Nathan came up with the idea to write the book. 

“Throughout the writing process, there were days when I felt as though I didn’t have anything to say, and there were days when it flowed,” says Dr. Accrocco. “There are parts where you can tell he took the lead on a chapter and others where I took the lead. It took us almost two years to get the first manifestation (of the book). Then, we went to work on refining it.” 

The book is “intentionally different from the slew of college advice books out there,” and sought to “create something that is not only entertaining and informative but also clearly explains what the college process is and what it is not.” 

Dr. Accrocco has experience on both sides of the admissions desk. He’s worked in college admissions offices and served as a high school college counselor. Working in those roles has allowed him to develop a perspective other counselors don’t have and help create a guide that’s dissimilar to other books on the market.  

“We didn’t want to just create a guidebook or blueprint of ‘here’s how to get in,’” Accrocco says. “There are elements of that in there, but we really wanted to give people things to think about and not just go step-by-step.” 

Everyone is welcome to purchase a copy, but Dr. Accrocco recommends his book for parents of and students who are sophomores and juniors. 

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