Twelve Summit students earn awards at Scholastic writing competition

12 students earned 15 awards at this year's Scholastic Arts and Writing competition

12 Summit students earned 15 awards at this year's Scholastic Arts and Writing competition. Front row (L to R) William Delworth, Peyton Bulla, Irene Calderon and Luis Valencia. Back row (L to R) Angela Good, Savannah Brizendine, Burke Hinton, Derrick Kinross, Sophie Pilon, John Penote, Jimmy Fraley and Erin Devine.

By Shannon Smyth

Four students at The Summit Country Day School earned gold or silver keys at this year’s Scholastic writing competition. 

Altogether, 12 students earned 15 awards at the regional competition. 

“To have so many students recognized in such a wide variety of categories speaks to the depth of writing talent here at The Summit,” said Gail Rosero, Upper School English teacher and Department Coordinator.

Senior William Delworth, Hyde Park, earned a gold key in the personal essay/memoir category, putting him in contention for national awards. His essay entitled, “Play It Where It Lies” relates golf to life lessons. 

Fellow senior Peyton Bulla, Mount Lookout, received a silver key in the personal essay/memoir category. Sophomore Luis Valencia, Hyde Park, earned his silver key in the same category. 

Sophomore Irene Calderon, Hyde Park, and her journalism piece, “Mental Health Apps: Caveat Emptor” garnered a silver key.  

The following received honorable mentions for their work.

Burke Hinton, Hyde Park, critical essay and personal essay; Savannah Brizendine, Madeira, flash fiction; Erin Devine, Indian Hill, flash fiction; Irene, Hyde Park, humor; Derrick Kinross, Maineville, personal essay; John Penote, Anderson Township, personal essay; Sophie Pilon, Loveland, personal essay; Jimmy Fraley, Covington, Ky., poetry; Irene, Hyde Park, short story; and Angela Good, Miamiville, short story.

This awards program is very competitive. Judges look for works that demonstrate originality, technical skills and the emergence of a personal voice or version. 

The Summit Writing Program lets students find their voice through a fusion of time-tested writing approaches from preschool to 12th grade. The program has resulted in students who have won competitions, published books, earned accolades from professional educators and given testimonials after their writing prowess was tested in college.