Summit Country Day School alumni receive special Valentine’s blessing

A smiling, Summit alumni couple

Marjorie (Meyer) Kyte and Lawrence Kyte Jr. sit in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel at The Summit Country Day School where they celebrated 52 years of marriage.

A group of Summit Country Day School alumni celebrated Valentine’s Day early on Sunday, Feb. 9 when they returned to the landmark Hyde Park school for an event called Summit Sweethearts.

Former Summit Chaplin Fr. Phil Seher conducted a special marriage blessing for 25 alumni couples in The Summit’s 19th century Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel. These were alumni married to alumni or alumni married in the historic chapel. Afterward, the couples had a date night in the school’s St. Gregory Hall where they were toasted and feted during a reception.

The atmosphere in the hall, where graduating class photo composites adorn the walls, was nostalgic. The couples danced as a slideshow displayed their wedding portraits.  

The couple who had been married the longest, Marjorie (Meyer) Kyte and Lawrence Kyte Jr., received a gift basket containing tickets to Cincinnati venues that promised them even more date nights in their future. "Our advice is to always be best friends and plan designated date nights often," Margie said.  Margie is a 1958 Summit graduate and Larry was a 1952 graduate of The Summit Boys School. They have been married for 52 years. 

“So many alumni come back to The Summit to get married because our chapel is so beautiful and the school holds a special place in their hearts,” said Mark Osborne, Alumni Engagement and Gifts Officer. “We dreamed up the Summit Sweethearts event just to give alumni a fun date night here in a place that means so much to them.”