A Culture of Philanthropy

Ours is a community defined by giving – a community that grows stronger through the participation of every member. Fundraising and volunteer activities honor a culture of philanthropy – a tradition supports our school today and secures educational opportunities for future generations. The Leaders of Character Society ($1,000 or higher; under age 35, $500+) is our flagship organization for the Annual Fund for Excellence. It recognizes benefactors through giving circles which join like-minded people who share a passion for the mission of The Summit. The circles acknowledge that everybody has been helped somewhere along the way by someone else, whether it was a teacher who inspired them or a parent who sacrificed for their education and they are now passing their blessings forward to help others. 

My Summit Story

Those who donate to our school often have a personal experience or witnessed something extraordinary here. So many people have written to us to tell us about these positive experiences that we have gathered their stories in this series of videos we call “My Summit Story.” 

Tricia Headley GMS '87
'I love the community feeling and the feeling of The Summit being a family.'

Chris O'Brien BMS '96
'The best thing about The Summit is the faculty. The next best thing is the diversity.'

Carolyn Karageorges
'Giving to the Annual Fund is our way of giving back to the community.'

Tom Theobald SBS '50
 'Somebody else has been helping you all along.'

Missy Fox '88
'A great foundation was laid for me.'

Andy Ritch
'I love the people that my kids are becoming.'

Cecilia Johnson
Embraced by Community

Ansong and LaDreka Karikari
'Life is all about paying forward. To whom much is given, much is required.'

Sister Rose Ann Fleming '50, SNDdeN
'Summit is educating for life.'

Mary Ann Weber
'Summit has so many great things to offer.'

Dr. Victoria Delamerced
'It takes a village to raise kids and our village was The Summit.'

Suzanne McHugh:
Faith-Inspired Purpose

Julia Rosa Helm '19
'The Annual Fund helps make Summit students live their best story.'

Rich Wilson, Head of School
'Summit gives kids opportunities they wouldn't get elsewhere.'

Louis Valencia BMS '78
'Sense of Family, Sense of Security, Sense of Belonging'

Ty Moore '02:
'There's this excitement, this energy...'

What's Your Story? 
Let us add your Summit Story to the voices of others in support of the Annual Fund for Excellence. Click the button to tell us your story.