Capital Creative Problem-Solving Summer Curriculum Fund

(Minimum gift of $75,000 or $15,000 per year for five years.)

Developing students’ skills in creative problem-solving is one of the components in our strategic plan.  We plan to hire six teachers across all divisions to write lessons during the summer to address opportunities in the curriculum to further develop students’ knowledge and skills in this area. 

For example, we teach and work with children to develop a tolerance for ambiguity, perseverance (failure isn’t a disaster, it’s an opportunity to learn), multiple idea-creation techniques, collaboration skills (being comfortable doing that with people from different cultures and backgrounds), making connections, knowing and using a deliberate design process, demonstrating originality and inventiveness, calculating risk (when is taking a risk warranted and worth taking, and when is it not) and most of all being reflective (what have I learned, and how do I apply that going forward).