A Gift for Generations

All endowments have a story to tell about the donors who created them, and those stories are an enduring part of The Summit’s history because of the permanence of an endowment.

The Summit Endowment in honor of Edward C. Tyrrell was created from invested gifts that provide stable, sustained revenue to support their intended purpose. These gifts are made possible through the generous investments of alumni, parents and friends to demonstrate their support and passion for The Summit.

Endowed funds are established to provide ongoing permanent support for designated funding recipients by use of interest earned on endowments, rather than at the expense of the funds themselves. These funds may be created for a variety of purposes, including faculty support, student scholarships, curriculum innovation building and grounds enhancement. Specific donation amounts are required to establish an endowed fund.

Ragland Family Endowment Incentive Program 

The Ragland Family Endowment Incentive Program encourages benefactors to establish a new endowed fund to grow the endowment in support of the school’s mission and students. 
  • Eligible new funds created with a commitment between $50,000 and $99,000 may qualify to receive $5,000. 
  • Eligible new funds created with a commitment of $100,000+ may qualify to receive $10,000. 

Support Your Passion

Endowed Unrestricted Fund

Allows endowment gifts to be designated to the funding area where the need is greatest. Learn more and give now.

Endowed Hardship Fund

Supports students whose family circumstances challenge their ability to fully participate in Summit experiences. Learn more and give now.

Endowed Faculty-Staff Position Fund

Ensures stability in academic and athletic programs, supports retention of highest quality teachers, coaches and staff. Learn more and give now.