The Summit Country Day School Foundation

The Summit Country Day School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, established in 1994, for the purpose of soliciting and receiving contributions and grants from various entities and to distribute funds raised together with net earnings thereon to the Summit Country Day School. The Foundation is the fiduciary of endowed donor assets, and its mission is to prudently manage those assets to support The Summit in perpetuity while fostering and promoting its welfare and development and assisting in carrying out its educational vocation. Per the Articles of Incorporation of the Summit Country Day School Foundation, the funds distributed from the Foundation to the School shall be used for the following:

  • To provide for faculty enhancement by providing the School faculty with opportunities to develop skills and learn new techniques;
  • To provide for improvements to the School buildings and grounds;
  • To provide for scholarship and other tuition assistance for students attending School;
  • To provide for the development of new and innovative programs at the School; and
  • To provide for such additional assistance, needs, and programs for the benefit of the School.


The Foundation Board

Rick Grzymajlo, President
Mark Burke
Michael Chasnoff
Allison Kropp
Bernadette Lottman, ex officio
Kyndal Michel Marks
Tom Neyer, ex officio
Nick Ragland
Kevin Riley
Andy Ritch
Kelley Schiess, ex officio
Stuart Seltman

Build the Endowment

Please make endowment gifts by check payable to:

The Summit Country Day School Foundation
2161 Grandin Road
Cincinnati, OH 45208