Marc Fragge Scholars

Marc Gerard Fragge '83 Memorial Scholarship

In October 1988, our friend, classmate and teammate Marc Fragge passed away suddenly at the young age of 23. Marc was a gifted athlete, accomplished student and great friend. As a young man, Marc left an indelible impression on those who knew him, encouraging and challenging them to use their God given gifts to the best of their ability.

Shortly after Marc’s death, the Marc Gerard Fragge '83 Memorial Scholarship was established to assist qualified students who exemplify Marc’s personal dedication to academic achievement, athletic involvement and spiritual growth. Over the past years, the following young men and women who share Marc’s passion and talent for athletics and academics have received a Summit Upper School education:

We hope to continue and expand the great work that the Fragge Scholarship has done over the past 25 years. Any contribution that you could make toward this effort would be greatly appreciated. You may donate through a secure online portal now by clicking on the "Donate Now" button. Or you may mail your check to The Summit, c/o The Development Office, noting that it is for the Marc Fragge scholarship or contact Sandy Champlin at (513) 871-4700 ext. 244.   

The Marc G. Fragge Memorial Scholarship Committee

  • Chip Amann ’83
  • Gregg Becker ’83
  • Kate Haffner ’84
  • David K. MacKenzie ’83
  • Bruce McConnell ’84
  • Ed McCullough ’83
  • Chris Poweleit ’83
  • James Ryan ’83
  • Peter Saba ’83
  • Jay Schreckenhofer ’84
  • Stuart Seltman ’86
  • Tim Talty ’83
  • Ken Van Kesteren ‘83
  • Victor Walton ‘83
Marc Gerard Fragge '83

If you would like to contribute to this scholarship, donations may be made via credit card through a secure online site by clicking the Donate Now button. Or you may mail your check to The Summit, c/o The Development Office, 2161 Grandin Roac, Cincinnati, OH 45208. Please note that it is for the Marc Fragge scholarship. You may also contact Sandy Champlin at (513) 871-4700 ext. 244. 

In Memory of a Special Friend
By Marielle Lemal

Mourn we now a bitter loss
A life that gave us much
Reach out from in himself
Caring warmth was in his touch

Welcome to my hearty fire
Everyone is told

Let us share exciting stories
Of treasures life may hold
Value cannot well be measure
Ere we feel the void

Youthful vigor cloaked in wisdom
Once our spirits buoyed.
Until a greater power stops me,

Always will I try
Living life for all it offers
Wanting nought but friends in stride.
All of us are left with memories
You gave out so much
Stronger now for having known you.

Ever will we feel your touch.