My Summit Story

These are the stories of how The Summit has touched the lives of the different members within our community. 

Cindi Cotton

Parent of alumnus. Creator the Cotton Family Endowed Coaching positions.

"I think it's important to give other people an opportunity to benefit by what a Summit education offers. We're very fortunate that we are able to provide that for our child but it's even more important for us to share that with other people".

Victoria Wilhelmy

Class of '18, Summit Alumni Board Member, UC Lindner Honors Plus Program. 
"The Summit is truly an exceptional school. Everyone has a different journey in it... but it is definitely a great journey."

Wayne & Chris (Castleberry) Lippert

Class of '89. Parents of Summit students, Board Members, volunteers. 
"The Summit has only become more impressive over time."

Laura Haas

Upper School Teacher, Leadership and Student Activities Coordinator, former coach.
"The Annual Fund has offered me the opportunity to give back to a community that I love and hold very dear." 

Gina (Baluyot) Saba

Class of '84. Current parent and parent of alumni, alumna.
"I think our alumni should include Summit in their giving because it's part of our history."

Carolyn Karageorges

Trustee, Former SPA Treasurer and President, current parent.
"...why we give to The Annual Fund, we want to ensure we're doing our part and making that available to other children in the community and around Cincinnati..."

Allison (Hiltz) Kropp

Class of '93. Chair, Board of Trustees and mother of current students, alumna.
"Every single person in every single way, make our Summit the very special place that it is"

Dr. Victoria Delamerced

Parent of alumni, former trustee.
"It takes a village to raise kids and our village was The Summit. My children are lifers here and I am grateful that we found The Summit early on..."

Ansong & LaDreka Karikari

Parents of Summit students.
"Summit is doing a lot to encourage cultural diversity. I was invited to the classroom to speak about Ghana, where I'm from..."

Chris O'Brien

BMS '96 and current parent.
"The best thing about The Summit is the faculty."

Tricia Headley

GMS '87 and current parent.
"I love the community feeling and the feeling of The Summit being a family." 

Sister Rose Ann Fleming

Former Head of School, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. 
"Summit is educating for life."

Louis Valencia

Alumni, BMS '78.
"Sense of Family, Sense of Security, Sense of Belonging..."

Julia Rosa Helm

Class of '19.
"The Annual Fund helps make Summit students live their best story."

Ty Moore

Class of '02, former Trustee.
"One thing I'll always remember is the phenomenal energy of the environment." 

Tom Theobald

SBS '50, Former Alumni Chair. 
"Somebody else has been helping you all along."

Rich Wilson

Head of School. 
"Summit gives kids opportunities they wouldn't get elsewhere."

Missy Fox

Class of '88
Alumni Board Chair.
"A great foundation was laid for me."

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