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Cornerstone Heritage Society

Shape the Future ∙ Leave a Lasting Legacy

The Cornerstone Heritage Society recognizes and honors those alumni, families and friends who have thoughtfully provided for the future of The Summit Country Day School through their will and/or estate plans. The Cornerstone Heritage Society members provide a solid foundation to secure the future financial strength and security of the School. Behind all Summit students and alumni are generations of benefactors who helped to make their education possible through their estate plans.

Ways to Give

Join Our Membership

Leave your legacy by joining these distinguished members of The Cornerstone Heritage Society who are committed to providing students with a strong, independent Catholic education for generations to come.

Anonymous (4) 
Julianne and William Baechtold 
Jon S. Blohm SBS '68 
Julie and Mark Bodnar 
Linda and John Botsford 
Mary (Foss) '67 and  
   Joseph Brinkmeyer 
Jane (Buse) '70 and Mark Burke 
Susan and Robert Castellini 
Thomas E. Coler, Jr. SBS ‘56
Deanna and Asad Dalia 
Ann (Wiley) '53+ and
   Donald Denison 
Kathy and William DeWitt, Jr.
Jane and John Domaschko 
Mary W. Earls
Mary and William Earls SBS '59 
Rebecca and Gregory Edwards
Betty Forker+ 
David M. Forker SBS '53+ 
Sharon W. Frisbie '69 
Laura (Hefele) '70 and
   Arthur Ftacnik 
Lauren (Brinkmeyer) '96 and
  Wesley Goebel
Mrs. Paula N. Grulee 

Louise Hack '27+
Ann Hinckley 
Charles Hinckley+ 
Judith Lee (Cox)+ and 
   Robert T. Hollohan SBS '54+
Lisa and Frank Hoffman 
Elaine M.+ and John Horan+ 
Kimberly and Stephen Hunt 
Peggy (Feltrup) Becker '49 and 
  William Jackson III  
Amy and George Joseph BMS '78 
M. Jeanne+ and Chris Koepfer
Florence (Connelly) '58 and
   Ronald+ Koetters
Marjorie (Meyer) '58 and
  Lawrence Kyte SBS '52 
Cynthia and
   Christopher MacConnell SBS '65 
Kathy and Michael McQueen 
Caroline Melson
Nancy (Van Lahr) '57+ and
  Paul Niklas 
Martha and H. N. Ragland III SBS '58 
Susan Ratterman '70+   
Pamela and
   Frederick Rentschler SBS '53+

+ Deceased Member

Gabrielle (Bouscaren) '66+ and 
   Mercer Reynolds 
Bettina and D. Bruce Ross 
Kathleen Patricia (Long) Rotsinger '45
Kathy and Philip Schneider 
Kathryn and Brian Spivey 
Anne and Edward+ Stern 
Therese and Lyle Stetzer+ 
Jean Hennegan Strasser '29+ 
Jeanne (Henkel) Strout '41+ 
Caroline and Richard Sutphin+ 
Candace and
   George Thurner III BMS '77 
Jayne Thurner 
Kathleen and Edward Tyrrell 
Mary Virginia Vollmer+ 
Susan (Thurner) '74 and 
   Christopher Vollmer SBS '66 
John T. Wahlbrink '12
Helen (DeCourcy) '38+ and
    William Williams '29+ 
Carol and Richard Wilson
Dorothy and Richard
Paula (Bien) Yarnell-Sundermann '65 
   and Howard Sundermann

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT the cornerstone heritage society CONTACT:

Lauren Goebel '96  | Assistant Head of School for Advancement and Community Engagement
Development Office
(513) 871-4700 x 208