Five Pillars Fund

The Summit is committed to the total development of students’ minds, hearts and bodies. Your gift supports our mission which calls for us to develop our students holistically across five pillars. You may give overall support to the five pillars or designate your donation to a specific one. 

Academic: The Summit educational experience is distinguished by the ways that we individualize our instruction and experiences so every child reaches his or her potential. Our students are surrounded by rich learning materials and up-to-date technology. Our science labs are state-of-the art. Our curriculum is rigorous. In the lower grades, we are able to differentiate lessons and provide extra support or accelerate students according to their ability. Our Upper School offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement classes that allow The Summit experience to be tailored for each student. Every year, 100 percent of our students are accepted into colleges and universities across the country and abroad. 

Spiritual: The Summit is a Catholic, independent school grounded in the values of our founders, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. The shared belief in the sanctity of the individual, the holiness of life and the presence of God within each person is the foundation of The Summit. The expression and realization of that belief is demonstrated through the spiritual practices of our students, faculty and staff. 

Physical: The Summit values a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle through physical development and athletics competition. Teamwork, commitment, responsibility, honor, perseverance, cooperation, leadership, sportsmanship, nutrition, fitness and self-esteem contribute to the overall wellness of the individual. 

Artistic: The Summit offers many opportunities for self-expression and the development of artistic awareness and discernment. Opportunities abound in art class, but it doesn’t just happen in a classroom. The arts are integrated throughout the curriculum and in opportunities for writing, performance and a broad variety of creative works.  

Social: We teach the importance of communications, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking to relationships. We are committed to the social-emotional wellness of our students. We embrace diversity, character-based leadership and creative problem-solving. 

You may opt to make a general gift to the Five Pillars Fund that will help us develop the whole child across every pillar, or you may specify that your gift be applied to just one of the pillars.