Angel Donor Fund

Angel Donors enlighten our world by supporting the needs of deserving and talented students who have the desire to attend The Summit but are in need of financial assistance. Angel Donors are asked to make a minimum gift of $2,500 or more annually and a commitment of at least five years.  

Your gift to the Angel Donor Program supports a student with need. Our children who receive Angel Donor funds express their gratitude to donors each year by writing thank you letters. This is a teachable moment in a child’s life which shows them that someone cared enough to help them get the advantages of a Summit education. Hopefully the experience of philanthropy will make an impression on them and, in time, they will be in a position to pay the gift forward by helping someone else.     

The Angel Donor fund is part of The Summit Fund, which collects money to cover the costs of the school’s day-to-day operations and supplements ongoing campaigns. The Summit Fund is the primary way our community gives back to The Summit. While most Summit Fund gifts are unrestricted, allowing the school to direct funds at the greatest current needs, the Angel Donor Fund is an option for champions of our mission. When you become an Angel Donor, 100% of your donation goes directly toward helping qualified students achieve “The Summit Advantage.”   

Your gift to the Angel Donor Program places you in The Summit Fund’s pacesetting circle, Leaders of Character Society. 

By becoming an Angel Donor, you can give a young person the wings to fly.