Lower School - Grades 1-4: Fast Facts

  • Literacy concentration includes explicit, systematic phonics instruction & exposure to rich literature instilling life-long learning within a culture that values language in all forms.
  • Literacy, Math & Science Specialists work with faculty & students providing enrichment & ensuring focus on each individual learner & maximizing one's potential.
  • Widely praised Summit Writing Program where writing mechanics are taught & research skills are developed.
  • Mathematics program utilizes best research-based practices through National Council of Mathematics & focuses on critical thinking, problem-solving & deep, conceptual understanding.
  • Science Specialist leads curriculum in state-of-the-art science labs where students learn observation, prediction, data collection, experimentation, inference, application of data, interpretation, analysis & how to form a hypothesis.
  • World Language Program includes Spanish & French, exposing students to language & culture.
  • Leadership & Service Programs where students learn to be good citizens & see the value of applying their talents & intelligence for the good of their community & society.
  • Numerous athletic programs that include football, lacrosse, volleyball & soccer.
  • Fine arts facilities include an art studio with kiln, music studio & access to the school theater.

The Summit at a Glance

  • Character trait focus by grade - Montessori through the 12th grade.
  • Formation of Faith and Formation of Conscience program by grade.
  • Manners and social skills emphasis by grade.
  • Thirteen year world language program, Montessori through 12th grade.
  • The Summit online Portal helps parents monitor their child's performance and daily activities.