Field Trips

Middle School students turn the real world into their classroom through regularly scheduled class trips.

Fifth grade students take part in several field trips throughout the school year. Students begin the year with an exciting day trip to the Cincinnati Nature Center. Here students create and execute an inquirybased project where they follow the steps of the scientific method. Throughout the day they are also introduced to the character trait of courage and work together as an advisement to develop an understanding of the trait. 

Watch this video by Millie Browner '23 of the eighth grade class trip to Washington, D.C. 

Fifth graders experience theater performances on and off campus each year depending on show times and availability. In the spring, fifth grade students travel to Sharon Woods to participate in the Ohio River Foundation’s water use and water cycle programs.

Sixth graders spend three days and two nights at Camp Campbell Gard. Students learn perseverance and team-building through games, challenges, and activities including low ropes courses, zipline/rope swinging and The Amazing Race. Students also engage in activities and lessons which connect this experience to the curricular areas including science concepts, writing activities, and challenges involving physical fitness. Students bond outside of the classroom and develop a respect for each other and their teachers which is incorporated into the classroom. In the fall, students visit Mount Saint Joseph University to see “Literature Live” where short stories read and discussed in the classroom come to life on stage. During the winter, the sixth grade travels to Perfect North Slopes for a science/math fieldtrip to investigate the physics involved in tubing. Finally, sixth grade students visit and interview the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur to learn about their life experiences which required perseverance. Students write a poem about an interviewed sister and share the original poems at our annual Poetry Jam.  

The seventh grade participates in four trips throughout the year, each touching on a different pillar of our mission. In the beginning of the school year, they spend a day at Camp Joy participating in leadership and team-building activities. Later in the fall they travel to various local agencies that service adults and children with special needs, in connection with their Capstone experience. In early spring students visit a local mosque, temple and cathedral to compare and contrast major monotheistic religions. Later in the spring they spend a day at Kings Island for Math and Science Day.

Eighth graders journey to Gettysburg, Pa. and Washington, D.C. for four days where they visit the Civil War battlegrounds, Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, the Holocaust Memorial, Arlington Cemetery and many more points of interest. The field trip augments the eighth grade classroom curriculum.