Mrs. Heather Cole

Fifth Grade Science and STEM Teacher

Year Started: 2017

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Middle Childhood Education, University of Cincinnati

Awards and Membership: National Science Teachers Association member; Ohio Space Grant Scholar (2011, 2012), Excellence in Genetics and Excellence in Ecology awards at the University of Cincinnati (2010), Howard Hughes Excellence in Science Education and Learning (2008), National Merit Scholar (2008)

Experience: 3 years in education prior to The Summit; four years working at a major Cincinnati STEM employer

Inspiration: I’ve always been passionate about learning, and I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the value of each person. I chose teaching as one of the most impactful ways I could use my gifts to serve. So The Summit’s devotion to the growth and success of students and teachers alike held an irresistible allure for me! I’m excited to do my best work her and make a difference!

Philosophy: From advisement to science to health and STEM class, my biggest learning targets are interdisciplinary. My mission is to teach students:

  1. How to aim higher.  I believe that respectful relationships with caring adults helps students build accountability, character and resolve.
  2. How to investigate, focus, and discern. Understanding arrives with “assembly required.” We want young adolescents to ask critical questions and personally look into them. I believe that scientific  inquiry and arts integration can build this skill.
  3. How to learn. I help students analyze what they should memorize, what they should apply and what big ideas they should carry close to their hearts.
  4. How to cooperate. To support student development, I provide explicit instruction in how to treat others properly (e.g. how to disagree respectfully) and how to be a productive member of a group.
  5. How to prepare for the future. Students leave my classes with a greater understanding of science, of course, but that’s not all. They also have stronger abilities to read, analyze and produce text, graphs and diagrams and to demonstrate the 21st -century skills employers seek: critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.
  6. How to love life. Because I am convinced that time is life, and life is precious, I aspire to help students make each moment count.  

Personal: Husband, Jedd Cole, is an editor at Gardner Business Media. I love to play piano and write science songs. I lived in a French immersion dorm and have visited France three times and counting.