Mrs. Marcia Sullivan

Religion and Health Teacher

Year Started: 2018

Degrees: Bachelor of Education with a concentration in Religion and European History, St. Mary’s University College in Belfast, Northern Ireland; M.Ed., Early Adolescent Education, University of Notre Dame, 

Experience: 15 years in education prior to coming to The Summit. During those 15 years, I've worked at a trio of schools including Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School and Charlotte Catholic High School, both in North Carolina, as a Religion and Social Studies teacher.

Inspiration: I am a product of an extensive, Catholic education beginning when I was in kindergarten and all the way through college. I feel indebted to the many teachers and professors, whom I encountered over the years, for instilling in me a sense of pride in the gift of a Catholic education. To show my appreciation for the gift I was given, I decided to pursue a teaching career within the Catholic school system. 

I grew up in Northern Ireland in an area where Catholic and Protestant children did not mix socially. After having been in the United States for 20 years, I have developed a sense of regret that people are suspicious of one another due to religion, ethnicity and nationality. I am drawn to The Summit because of the diversity of its student population and my belief that this enriches every aspect of our school. I also feel that The Summit places tremendous value on Character Education and Catholic Social Justice. I am blessed to be in a position to incorporate these in my daily lessons.

Philosophy: An integral part of my role as a Catholic educator is to help students develop in their moral, spiritual, emotional and social life. The most important way I can convey my faith is leading by example and creating an environment that is positive and nurturing. At a Catholic institution, which places value on Character Education, I have the task of preparing students to respect the uniqueness of everyone and to recognize that each person has inherent dignity and worth. In this regard, I encourage students to create a welcoming classroom in which everyone is respected.

Personal: My husband's name is Brendan, and we have two children: Brian, a fourth grader, and Molly, a second grader.

Office Location

Middle School