Mr. Larry Dean

Latin Teacher

Year Started: 1999

Degrees: B.A., Latin, University of Virginia; Credits earned for M.A. in Latin at University of Georgia and for Ph.D. in Classics at the University of Cincinnati

Awards: Teaching Award for Graduate Students, both University of Georgia and University of Cincinnati; Ohio ‘Certamen’ Coach of five National Championship teams, Ohio Junior Classical League; State Chair of Students, Ohio Junior Classical League; Summa Cum Laude JCL Sponsor Award, National Junior Classical League; 2011 Leader of Character Award; 2015 Schilderink Family Faculty Chair for Distinguished Teaching. 

Experience: 10 years in education prior to The Summit; 2 years as Latin teacher and dorm master at St. James Boarding School (Hagarstown, Md.); 8 years as graduate student teacher (Latin language, Greek language, Classical Studies) at University of Georgia and University of Cincinnati

Philosophy: I teach because I love it. I am an enthusiastic advocate of the Latin language and classical civilization, and their importance to the world today.

Personal: I am originally from Richmond, Va., but have lived here in Cincinnati since 1993. I was married for 19 years to fellow Latin teacher Andrea Weis. I have 2 children, both of whom have attended The Summit since preschool: Tullus '17 (named after the third king of Rome) and Julia '19 (named after her aunt Julie or Julius Caesar, take your pick). Our family includes two dogs who like to bark loudly and passionately.



Office Location

Middle School