Ms. Lisa Mays '05

Latin Teacher

Year Started: 2016

Degrees: B.A., Anthropology, Classical Humanities, Classical Languagues (Latin and Greek), Miami University; M.A., Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Bryn Mawr College

State Chair of Illinois Junior Classical League;Illinois Latin Teacher of the Year 2015; Member of Society for Classical Studies and Archaeological Instiute of America;Attended Klingenstein Center Summer Institute 2016

Experience: 5 years teaching Latin at Elgin Academy, Elgin Ill.; 7 years excavating in the Ancient Agora, Athens Greece; 5 years in education prior to The Summit

Inspiration: I feel very strongly about what The Summit contributed to my development as a person and as a learner. I am thrilled by the opportunity to return and to offer our students the same opportunities to grow and develop.

Philosophy: It is important to me that I provide students with skills that they can apply to the learning that occurs in all of their classes, not just in Latin. By addressing big picture issues through my assignments (such as how to deliver a presentation, read sources critically, or even by teaching English grammar and language patterns so that students can understand Latin), I help my students develop these varied skills and become more proficient learners. It is also important that Latin students feel comfortable to take risks with these assignments and that they are able to assess which aspects of their work were more successful than others. Feeling ‘at home’ in our Latin classrooms is critical if the students are going to be successful language learners.

Personal: Graduated from The Summit in 2005.