Mrs. Ioana Moneta

French Teacher

Year Started: 1994

Degrees: M.A. in French Literature; B.Ed. (Major in History and ESL) European Baccalaureate

Experience: Four years in education prior to The Summit

Inspiration/Philosophy: While identifying my own aspirations and beliefs with the mission of the Summit, I am proud to belong to its community which feels like my family's second home.

As a teacher I believe in the necessity of global education for the next generation. I strive to teach my students to become multi-lingual and multi-culturally sensitive. I believe in student-centered education, meeting each child at his or her own level and building on their strengths. I try to present activities that stimulate students and encourage participation.

In doing so I encourage multiple approaches, including technology, to meet the various individuals present in a classroom, in order to make the classes meaningful for each one of my students. This approach supports my belief that education should be based on a cooperation between the family, the teacher and the administration to promote a harmonious growth of each student.

Outside of The Summit, I have been part of an effort to send school supplies to schools in rural parts of my native country, Romania. I also take advantage of various workshops that allow me to stay updated in my teachings, both generally and in the foreign languages.

We are a Summit family: our son is a 2004 Summit Graduate and our daughter is a lifer and a 2014 Summit graduate.

Personal: My interests outside of school are: traveling, the outdoors (hiking, skiing, biking), reading and music.


Office Location

Lower School