Mr. Greg Williams

Music and Religion Teacher, Liturgy Coordinator, Associate to the Chaplain

Year Started: 2014

Degrees: B.A. Music Education, College of Mount St. Joseph

Experience: 1 year in education prior to The Summit;Director of Music Ministries, St. Jude the Apostle in Bridgetown

Inspiration/Philosophy: I believe that teachers play the second-most crucial role (after parents) in forming and developing children so they may have the opportunity to obtain success and happiness by achieving all the potential God has given to them. Teachers are society’s primary model for transmitting not just knowledge, but values and culture to future generations. In addition to the obvious, surface-level knowledge and skills that teachers impart to students, teachers also communicate practical application of these tools, and inspire a thirst for lifelong learning in their students that is vital for success and happiness.

My own teachers have inspired me by seeing potential that I didn’t see myself, and by providing the encouragement and opportunities I needed to realize that potential. I’m inspired by the mission of The Summit, which encourages students and teachers alike to challenge themselves to learn and do God’s will to better ourselves, our homes, our school and our community.

Personal: Married to Mia; 6 children (Calvin, Lillie, Audrey, Simon, Cecilia and Peter)