Faculty devoted to high standards, state-of-the-art resources, outstanding curriculum and an enthusiastic learning community have resulted in many distinctive programs that make The Summit unique among private and public schools in Cincinnati. These Signature Programs epitomize The Summit’s dedication to academic excellence while fulfilling its mission to challenge students to develop spiritually, academically, physically, socially and artistically.


STEM has been incorporated into math and science classes throughout the Middle School, but the focus of the STEM program is a pair of classes that help seventh and eighth graders make a connection between science, technology, engineering and math.

Latin Program

Awards won by the Latin Program at the Middle School have brought national recognition to The Summit.

Band Program

The Middle School Band Program offers inexperienced musicians an opportunity to learn an instrument and allows experienced students the chance to thrive. 

Advisement Program

The Advisement Program makes every member of the Middle School faculty a champion for a small support group of students who meet regularly throughout the year.

Character Education

Character Education is a way of life at The Summit, where part of the core mission is to help students become people of character who value and improve the world they inherit.

World Language

The Summit aims to produce high-school graduates with strong proficiency in French or Spanish through a 13-year World Language program.

Writing Program

The Summit’s Writing Program lets students find their voice through a fusion of time-tested writing approaches from preschool to 12th grade.

Social Skills

Social Skills are intentionally taught through a purposeful approach in the classroom and in the community to re-enforce skills taught at home. The program delivers on the mission statement challenge to help students develop socially so they grow in both grace and wisdom.

Personalized Instruction

We tailor instruction to each individual so every graduate walks away with the tools needed to succeed in college and an understanding of how to continue learning as they face the challenges of a changing world.