Montessori Program: 18 Months through Kindergarten

The Summit is one of a few schools in Greater Cincinnati applying the Montessori philosophy in an educational program for 18-month-olds. 

We provide a positive, stimulating introduction to classroom education in a private school setting for students who are 18 to 36 months in the signature Toddler Program and students from age 3 to 5, who are offered both full- and half-day sessions. Children learn the Montessori philosophy of order, independence, concentration and coordination, gradually moving from the concrete to the abstract.

We emphasize development of nascent skills in areas such as language, math, computers, science, geography and music. Students also participate in physical education, sensorial development, and spiritual growth.

Our Montessori program gives each child a framework that helps ensure continued academic success in grades one through four and beyond.


The Summit is one of a few schools in the area applying the Montessori philosophy in an educational program for 18-month-olds. Toddlers are introduced to an environment enriched by a community of university-trained Montessori curriculum experts who believe in the unlimited potential of a child's ability to learn. Read more.


The Summit’s one-of-a-kind Enrichment Program builds on math, language arts, cultural and other units in the core academic classrooms. Specially trained enrichment teachers present in-depth exploration activities of such topics as astronomy, animal classification, inventors, world geography, Native American history and art. Read more.

Orff Music

The Orff Music approach develops areas of the brain involved in language, reasoning and problem-solving. Research shows that early musical training enhances concentration. Also, performance arts teach children to overcome their fears so they can fully develop their potential. Read more.