Ms. Peggy Byrne


Year Started: 2017

Degree: B.A., Communication, University of Cincinnati

Experience: 3 years in education prior to The Summit; previously employed as a nanny

Inspiration: I have always felt drawn to working with children. That passion always stayed with me and I’ve continued to gain experience working with kids throughout my life. My path has led me to The Summit which I first walked into years ago when taking a child I was caring for to school. I instantly fell in love with the environment and thought to myself what a great place this would be to work.

Philosophy: I believe the classroom is a living and thriving community. Every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world.

Personal: I have lived in Cincinnati all my life and I love the city. I enjoy spending time with my friends and large family. I grew up playing many sports and love to jump in on volleyball or softball gams every once in a while. In my spare time I love reading and volunteering.