Ms. Mia Schreibeis '14

Lead Teacher

Year started:

Montessori and Early Childhood Education, Xavier University 

American Montessori Society, member

Summit will always be a home for me. Being an alumna, I could not imagine working any place else. The sense of community The Summit offers is unparalleled, and I am continually inspired by it. 

My teaching philosophy is founded from the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori Method is one that allows the children to be self-directed learners and for the guide to “follow the child.” I believe that, as a guide, this is one of my duties to the children in the community. Furthermore, the Montessori classroom is a carefully prepared environment that fosters independence and self-discovery for the children. Lessons are given by the guides, but ultimately the goal is for the children to explore and discover answers themselves through the auto-didactic and self-correcting materials that are found within the classroom. It is my goal as a Montessori guide to allow the children to discover their fullest potential. My mission is to enhance each child’s natural sense of joy and wonder, and hope that this will lead them to love the process of learning.

I am a proud member of the class of 2014 here at The Summit. 

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