Health Services

The Summit has two registered nurses who work cooperatively with administration, faculty and parents to maintain the health of our students. Nurses can be reached at (513) 871-4700 x 263.

Among the services provided:

  • First aid and emergency care
  • Administering medications
  • Assisting parents with special needs as they arise and the completion of the referral protocol
  • Monitoring chronic illness
  • Maintaining a comprehensive action plan protocol for all allergies
  • Assessment of the health needs of students and staff
  • Health promotion and disease prevention activities
  • Record keeping of students' immunization status
  • Specific screenings in compliance with the Ohio Department of Education

Health Appraisal
School nurse and faculty may obtain information in regard to the health needs of the students through inquiries from parents, students, observation and screenings, as well as forms from doctors.

Health Forms
Health forms and immunizations are required before a student begins school. Parents also receive instructions for use of our secure, password-protected portal to access health forms for school physicals, prescription medication and action plans for asthma, food allergies, diabetes and seizures.

Magnus Software
The Summit uses a secure online software program called Magnus to digitally collect, track and manage the student’s health and medical information. All health forms must be filled out and submitted within 14 days from the start of school or the student's start date.

Health Services Staff

Food Allergy Guidelines

Our Food Allergy Guidelines help maintain a safe environment for students who have food allergies. New parents fill out an Individual Allergy Action Plan and provide all emergency medications to our school nurse before a student enters school.

Immunization Guidelines

The Summit adheres to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) guidelines for immunizations for school attendance. Students shall not be permitted to stay in school for more than 14 calendar days from the first day of school for each division unless the parents present a written or electronic documentation regarding the student’s immunization status and compliance. If a child is unable to receive a vaccine due to a medical condition, a note from a physician must be submitted for review by the school’s infectious disease advisors. We do not accept exemptions for religious or good cause reasons.

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Social-Emotional Health: The Summit has a commitment to the social-emotional wellness of our students. We have three full-time counselors in the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools who specialize in the developmental stages of the children in their care. Additionally, we have a full time school psychologist.

Athletics Trainer: The Summit employs the services of an athletics trainer through Tri-Health.

Dining Services: Most of the items on our school lunch menu are made from scratch in our own kitchen using locally sourced fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Learn more.