SPA Contacts

SPA Executive Board

  • President: Carolyn Karageorges
  • Vice President: Judy Toebben 
  • 2nd Vice President: TBD
  • Past President: Meg Grulee '92
  • Treasurer: Annie Bergeron
  • Assistant Treasurer: Marilyn Wendling
  • Secretary: Kristin Baker '96
  • Spirit Shop Manager: Kim Koenig
  • Spirit Shop General Manager: Tina Hendrix
  • Spirit Shop Finance Manager: Midi Drew
  • Staff Liaison: Conky Greiwe '61

SPA Committee Chairs

Parents have many opportunity to volunteer, support their children in various ways and find community at The Summit. We'd like to acknowledge these members of our community who are leading committees.

  • Birthday Books: Lisa McIntyre
  • Caring Committee: Cindy Bricking, Gena Bishop, Rebecca Bohmer
  • Fall Festival: Lisa O'Brien, Melissa Barrere, Deb Schaefer
  • Faculty/Staff Appreciation: Bridgitt Pauley, Carla Caruso, LaDreka Karikari, Patrice McCarter
  • Helping Hands
    Lama Khoury
    MS: Lori Schnitter 
    LS: Dorelle Bolan
    Montessori: TBD
  • Library Legacy: Lisa McIntyre 
  • Spring Event: TBD
  • Christmas Collection: Patty Bush
  • Partners in the Notre Dame Mission: Suzanne McHugh
  • Knights List: Mirja Zeilstra

SPA School Chairs


  • Chair: Emily Ahouse '98
  • Co-Chair: Sarah Cherot Abercrombie

 Lower School

  • Chair: Kristin Baker '96
  • Co-Chair: TBD
  • Grade 1: MacKenzie Chavez, Christy Neyer 
  • Grade 2: Marissa Miller, Genevieve Lyons
  • Grade 3: Lindsey Huttenbauer, Paula Basler 
  • Grade 4: Michele Sumnar, Robyn Quintero 

 Middle School

  • Chair: Lori Schnitter 
  • Co-Chair: TBD
  • Grade 5: Kristin Baker '96, Carolyn Karageorges
  • Grade 6: Mary Beth Tounge
  • Grade 7: Rebecca Bohmer, Gina Berry, Joselyn Hall, Caroline Joseph, Kelly Maples
  • Grade 8: Diedre Burns, Cindy Conway, Sonal Grzymajlo

 Upper School

  • Chair: Becky Stewart
  • Co-Chair: Deb Borkowski
  • Grade 9: Suzanne Tosolini, Kari Walter  
  • Grade 10: Leah Yagodich, Dave Mason
  • Grade 11: Grace Faust 
  • Grade 12: Tricia Headley, Gretchen Rawlings, Carol Biggs, Pilar Gordon, Annie Bergeron