Teacher and Students in Early Morning Class

Early Morning Care: 18 months-Grade 4

The Summit Early Morning Care program for students aged 18 months through grade four is intended to help working parents whose schedules require before-school care for their children. The program provides care for children from 7-7:45 a.m. before school starts on days that school is in session. During this period of time, children can study, play and enjoy a light snack before school starts.  


Students who pre-register and use this service more than others receive a price break.

Age 3 - grade 4

# of Mornings Purchased
for 2019-2020 School year

Dollars per Day Total
175 Days - Total Year $9 $1,575
Pay per Day $10  


# of Mornings Purchased
for 2019-2020

Dollars per Day Total
173 Days - Total Year $9 $1,557
Pay per Day $10  


Age 3-grade 4: Early Morning Care for age 3-grade 4 is located in the Extended Day Center in the main building. Convenient drop-off and pick-up is available just inside of the front circle. For access to the Extended Day Center, use the door by the ramp to the left of the main entrance. If it is locked, use the intercom to communicate with the teachers in the center or call 513-871-4700 ext. 300.

18- to 36-month  Toddler Program: Early Morning Care for children enrolled in the 18- to 36-month or Toddler Program will be in the Toddler classrooms.


Register for Early Morning Care: Age 18 months through grade four through a secure online site where parents pay in advance using a credit card. First-time users must create an account on this site before registering. Go directly to the registration page now or click on Register Now in the left navigation bar. Payment is due upon registration. You will receive a confirmation email following completion of the process. 


For questions about registration, contact Lisa Nicholson, 513-871-4700 ext. 369 or via email. Parents may also contact teachers in the center at 513-871-4700 ext. 300 during the hours the center is open.