Fruits and vegetables

Dining Services

The Summit's Food Services Department is headed by two alumnae sisters who were trained at international culinary schools. Food Service Manager is MaLissa Geers ’76, a registered dietitian, who graduated from the University of Cincinnati and graduated from the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in London. Assistant Food Service Manager is Josie Funk ’80, a dietitian who graduated from Miami University and La Varenne Cooking School in Paris. Most of the menu items are made from scratch and used in recipes developed by The Summit’s chefs and head cook. Fresh meat and produce are purchased locally. Summit food buyers actively seek locally grown and organic products when available and affordable, shopping twice a week at farmers’ and fresh produce markets. Fresh produce harvested from The Summit’s organic Garden for the Good is used when available.

Lower School
Dining Hall

Because the taste buds of young children are simplistic, the offerings at the Lower School Dining Hall are less complicated than those served for Middle and Upper School students but encourage children to try new and nutritious choices.

Plate lunches in the Lower School are included with tuition. Parents are welcome to join their children for lunch any time and bring younger siblings. Guest lunch prices are $4 for adults. Reservations are not required. Menus are posted on an online portal used by parents and students. 


  • We provide a lunch with five components: protein, grain, fruit, vegetable and milk. Only three of the items are to be taken on the tray to constitute a lunch, but one of the three needs to be a fruit or vegetable. Children can substitute various other entrees that are available daily. Vegetarian offerings are available every day as well.
  • Students are encouraged to have a half cup of fruit and half cup vegetables daily. They can have as much as they like. 
  • A child is not required to have a milk or protein, but both are offered. Milk choices include fat-free chocolate, fat-free strawberry, fat-free white and 1 percent white milk. Organic milk is offered for an additional 50 cents per day, payable by the semester. Water is always available free of charge. If you are interested in the organic milk program or need help with vegetarian options, please contact MaLissa Geers. Note: Ohio law prohibits 2 percent milk in the Lower School.
  • Children can substitute the entrée for assorted yogurt, cottage cheese, hard-boiled egg and crackers, peanut butter & jelly (PB&J)/cheese stick, a plain peanut butter, cheese or turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.
  • A fresh extensive Salad Bar is available daily in accordance with state regulations on quantities allowed for children this age. Fresh vegetables and herbs are used when available from the organic Garden for the Good in the Lower School. Homemade ranch (no MSG) and homemade low-fat vinaigrette are offered.
  • A “Seconds Table” is available to children who have eaten most of their food. It contains a vegetable tray, fresh fruits, 

Health and Wellness

Our Wellness Policy has specific goals for nutrition promotion and education, physical activity and other school-based activities that promote student wellness.

Yearly meetings of the Wellness Committee are attended by representatives parents, staff, students and Human Resources and Dining Services administrators. Wellness Committee meetings are open to all parents, faculty, staff and students and promoted in advance through Weekly Announcements.

Main Building
The Summit Café

Early Start

Daily breakfast offerings from 7:30 to 8:15 a.m. in The Summit Café in the Main Building include: English muffin or croissant sandwiches with bacon, egg and cheese, assorted cereals and yogurts, fresh fruit, multi-grain and granola bars, plain and whole wheat (high fiber) English muffins, bagels (including whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, blueberry and plain), coffee, hot chocolate, milk, assorted juices and water.


Plate of lunch

Students in the Middle and Upper Schools purchase food through a cashless point-of-service system called PayPams in The Summit Café. The Summit Café does not participate in the National School Lunch Program.

Students in the Middle and Upper schools can choose from a plate lunch, which includes a high quality entree, fruit, vegetable, bread and milk or spa water for $4.10 daily. Or, students may select from à la carte options. Parents and grandparents are welcome. Lunch prices are the same for guests.

  • A fresh extensive Salad Bar is available daily and includes low-fat ham and turkey (1.5 grams of fat per 2 oz. serving). Fresh vegetables and herbs are used when available from the organic Garden for the Good in the Lower School. Homemade ranch and homemade low-fat vinaigrette are offered.
Fruit Bowl
  • Fresh fruit bowls such as strawberries, cantaloupe, bananas, assorted grapes, apples, oranges and watermelon are served daily in the main cafeteria.
  • Fresh sliced vegetable trays are available free several days a week to encourage healthy choices.
  • A Bagel/English Muffin Bar includes cream cheese, butter, peanut butter, honey and assorted jellies. Bagels include whole wheat, blueberry, cinnamon raisin and plain. English Muffins include plain and whole wheat (high fiver). Assorted muffins are offered occasionally.
  • Non-fat frozen yogurt is available in the soft serve machine.
  • Reduced fat, fat-free and sugar-free baked snacks are available.
  • Large and small assorted yogurts are offered daily, as well as an assortment of cheese, hard boiled eggs, hummus and vegetables, cottage cheese and cheese and cracker plates.
  • Tuna salad, hoagie and focaccia sandwiches including ham, turkey, salami & peanut butter and jelly are offered daily with a rotation of chicken, egg and ham salad.
  • Fresh hot Panini sandwiches and homemade strawberry, banana and blueberry smoothies are offered most Fridays.
  • We offer fat-free chocolate or strawberry milk, fat-free milk, skim milk and 1% white milk.

Culinary Notes

Specialty Dishes

A few examples of some of the specialty dishes created in our kitchens to help young children develop a more mature palate are: couscous salad with roasted sweet potatoes and feta, quinoa salad with pomegranate seeds, spinach orzo salad with cherry tomatoes, tortellini salad, tabbouleh, mixed seasoned pasta with assorted root vegetables and parmesan, feta and tomato, bean and corn salsa with cilantro. Vegetarian specialties include focaccia with herb seasoning, roasted vegetables, hummus with roasted red pepper, vegetables with cream cheese and many others.

Homemade Soups

Offered daily in the The Summit Café, our homemade soups feature chicken and vegetable stocks made from scratch by our kitchen staff. Seasonal vegetables add flavor and nutrients to soups as well as our homemade casseroles and other dishes.


Made from scratch

Soups, sandwiches and casseroles are prepared from scratch reducing sodium, additives and preservatives, as well as fat. Low fat-part skim mozzarella is used in casseroles and homemade pizza.


Vegetarian options are available daily and vegan options are offered daily.

Fresh daily

Steamed, stir-fried or roasted, hot vegetables are served daily. Stir-fried vegetables use a minimal amount of olive oil. Fresh or frozen vegetables are used daily.


From the market

While The Summit’s chefs often make specialty breads and pizzas from scratch, most breads are purchased ready-made or frozen-and-ready-to-bake. Other ready-made foods purchased for their convenience include pizza dough, dry pastas, homemade 100% white-meat chicken nuggets, low or extra-low sugar peaches and pears. Canned vegetables are rarely used; exceptions are canned tomatoes, tomato paste, black and refried beans are sometimes used in making entrees. During the winter months, frozen fruit is sometimes purchased. Frozen blueberries and strawberries are used along with fresh produce for smoothies.

Organic options

An all-organic lunch is available for a total charge of $8.50 per lunch ($5 upcharge to the Lower School lunch program)  and is charged per semester. It includes a protein, fruit, vegetable, bread and milk. We also have for an upcharge of $.50 per day for organic white milk, which is either Kroger's Simple Truth or Whole Foods Organic White Milk. Chocolate organic milk is available per carton for $1 upcharge per day. All organic options are charged per semester and must be pre-registered with MaLissa Geers before each semester begins. Needed in the registration is the child's name, teacher, grade and an acknowledgement that the charge per semester is OK to be added to their semester bill.


  • Summit students participate in a "Whack-and-Stack" procedure which reduces space used in landfills.
  • Metal silverware and non-disposable trays are used to reduce waste.
  • Plates and bowls are 100% biodegradable.
  • Green cleaning solutions are used on dining room surfaces.