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Extended Day Afternoons: Age 18 months to grade 6 

The Extended Day Program provides a safe, supervised and interactive environment for Summit students during the transition time between the end of the school day and home. It serves students in Montessori through Middle School, beginning at age 18 months through grade six. Matching the mission of our school, this time with the children is designed to truly be an extension of the school day. The activities are fun, yet will encourage each child’s development in the five pillars of our school. An overall goal for the program is for children to practice skills of grace and courtesy as well as develop and refine social skills of cooperation and problem-solving.

All children staying for an Extended Day Program have exercise and play outside (weather permitting) or in the gym. A healthy snack is provided. Children then have a quiet story time followed by a period of music and movement. After that, children may participate in a series of activity areas called “World Play” that are age and developmentally appropriate. Ideally, over the period of a week, children will participate in all of the World Play areas equally. An example of the daily structure of the program is shown below. We respectfully request that electronic games/equipment remain at home or in your child’s backpack.


The Extended Day Program is available from 3:15 to 6 p.m. daily on days that school is in session. It is important to make arrangements to have children picked up no later than 6 p.m. 

Sample Schedule:

Toddlers 18-36 months
3:15-6 p.m.:
 Children will remain their toddler environment. Snacks will be served and there will be free play within the classroom as well as on the adjacent patio and/or rooftop playground.

Ages 3 through grade 6
3:15-3:45 p.m.:
 Montessori and Lower School children are taken to the LS gym; Middle School students gather in Knights Hall and then are walked to the LS gym. 
3:45-4 p.m.: Children are taken to the Extended Day room for restroom and healthy snack.
4-4:45 p.m.: Free Time in “Worlds” Play areas.
4:45-5 p.m.: Cleanup, Music and Movement. Children are taken outside to play.
5-6 p.m.: Outside play time.
(Times/activities are altered slightly during inclement weather)

World Play Focus Areas:

Four areas are set up around the room where the materials are available to explore and use in an open, yet constructive and cooperative manner. Children play in the different areas and are encouraged to choose a different “World” each day to allow for a diverse and varied experience. These are modified for our toddler attendees. 

The "World" Areas:

  • Constructive. This area contains a variety of building materials which are rotated and changed periodically to offer diversity. A variety of skill levels are available. The goal is for children to work cooperatively to build and explore the limits of the materials while practicing the overall goals stated above.
  • Art. This area allows each child to experiment and explore on a deeper level, different art media over time. While the art area is an independent work space, under the supervision of the teachers, children discuss with each other the works which they create.
  • Reading/Literature. A stocked library is available from which the children choose books to look at or to read. The books are rotated periodically. Staff also read to the children.
  • Creative Play. Dress Up or Puppets. In Dress Up, free open creativity and cooperative play is the focus of this area. Research supports the importance of creative free play for the overall development of children and social and emotional intelligence. This area is monitored and guided as appropriate. Dress up allows children to explore beyond themselves in make-believe. Puppets is similar to dress up, the use of puppets allows for free expression of ideas while practicing social interaction and problem solving among peers.

Pickup Procedure:

Toddlers 18-36 months: Pick up will be at the Toddler classroom door at the back of the Lower School building on the ground floor.

Ages 3 through grade 6: When picking up children, parents/guardians must come into the main building and sign the children out. Any alternative arrangements for pickup must be put in writing and submitted to Lisa Nicholson, Auxiliary Services Manager, prior to that date.

Pricing 2019-2020:

The daily rate per student is $28 per day. Accounts will be charged a daily rate by recorded usage. Students using the service for the full school year receive a 10% discount on pricing as noted below. The full year, paid in advance, is $4,410. A valid credit card must be on file prior to utilizing this service. 


Register for Extended Day through a secure online site where parents pay in advance using a credit card. First-time users must create an account on this site before registering. Go directly to the registration page now or click on Register Now in the left navigation bar. Payment is due upon registration. You will receive a confirmation email following completion of the process.


Contact Lisa Nicholson, 513-871-4700 ext. 369 or via email.