Early Childhood Education Symposium


What you will experience:

  • Hear what Maureen Healy, author of “The Emotionally Healthy Child: Helping Children Calm, Center and Make Smarter Choices,” has to say.
  • Walk away with fresh ideas for parenting to put to use immediately.
  • Find out about the latest research that can help guide your parenting techniques.
  • Get tips from experienced educators that will help you teach, model and practice house rules for your children more effectively.
  • Gain insight about how Montessori education inspires children to think creatively, work hard, play hard and be kind.
  • Attend workshops led by regional thought leaders on early childhood on topics of interest for parents.
  • Learn about the latest brain-based research on how children learn.
  • Explore out how practicing mindfulness changes how your children’s brains work and helps them to focus.
  • Tristate teachers, get continuing education credits for professional development.