Early Childhood Education Symposium


What people say about the symposium

What do you get out of going to the Early Childhood Education Symposium at The Summit? A lot of information from experts, presented conveniently under one roof, happening in a single morning so you do not have to give up your whole weekend and it is free. The following testimonials were offered by previous attendees.

'I would pay money for a weekend workshop.'

  • This is one of the best, inspiring, energizing seminars I have been to!  Quick paced and a very good use of my valuable time.  I can’t believe this is offered at no cost.  What an incredible service to the community.
  • The Symposium was practical – so many things I could start doing right away.
  • The Summit is an amazing school, beautiful facility.
  •  Thank you for a great conference and free!  Keynote speaker was very interesting and relevant.
  • The variety of sessions and choices were outstanding.  It was difficult to choose.
  • Thank you Summit for offering this excellent program.
  •  I thought the program was wonderful and very well organized.
  • I loved the engagement level of the keynote address on how parents could implement strategies with their children on the seven essential skills of Mind In The Making.
  • Wow! The Summit was so welcoming, program was well organized and lunch was appreciated.  What a great variety of educational topics to choose from.
  • I loved learning about how not be a helicopter parent. 
  • As a teacher, I loved the Symposium and learning about how to use meditation in my class.

'The Symposium was fascinating and inspiring.'

  • Symposium information presented was vital for life.
  • This was a great program. I very much appreciated the list of reading recommendations and web resources related to Symposium topics.
  • I loved the enthusiasm and passion of the presenters.
  • Wow, The Symposium sessions were engaging. This makes me want to go home and read more about early childhood education.
  • What a pleasant time, also so informative.
  • So many practical tips and well presented.
  • I wish there was more time. There is so much to learn.
  • The Symposium was awesome, but I could have spent the entire weekend here. I would pay money for a weekend workshop.
  • Excellent presentations of very useful and interesting information. I could do a series of these lectures! A+ for the Symposium!
  • I didn’t know what to expect but it was a very interesting and very necessary for parents!
  • I am a teacher and attended last year. This year I brought seven of my colleagues and we were all so impressed!
  • I enjoyed The Symposium. The Summit did an wonderful job once again!
  • I enjoyed the Parenting Trends session.  It was a great workshop model. I liked the interaction and exchange with other parents. The presenter shared solid insights.
  • The Presenter on Parenting Trends was clearly informed about the topic. He effectively gave us thought provoking questions.

'Very good food for thought.'

  • So much great info.
  • I wish the Parenting Trend Session had been longer.
  • The Power of Music was informative. I appreciated the research approach.
  • The Power of Music actually exceeded my expectations. The presenter did a great job. 

'Symposium was fantastic, great use of my time.'

  • The Kids in Control Session with Dr. Rachel White was fantastic, very informative.  I appreciate the potential applications. Thank you!The Symposium was very well organized.
  • Excellent Conference.
  • I am a nanny and I use the knowledge gained from these topics to assist me in caring for children.

'Excellent selection of topics.'

  • Symposium was fantastic, great use of my time.
  • Fabulous, thank you for providing this educational event to teachers, parents and the Cincinnati community.
  • I loved all of the topics and wanted to attend multiple sessions. Please consider adding third time slot. I want more.
  • Thank you so much for offering this program. It is always so helpful to find and receive information to help us parent and teach. It is much appreciated to have the event opened to the community.
  • This is the most fantastic symposium. Every detail is attended to with excellence. The generosity of those who financially make this happen as well as all of the friendly wonderful volunteers makes this, a can’t miss event every year. Thank you for all that is done to promote quality early childcare and childcare education through this school and community. Blessings!
  • Managing Screen Time was amazing. It is so good to have the research at my fingertips as I navigate screens with my grandchildren and children. 
  • Navigating Your Child’s Learning Style provided wonderful guidance on how to work with families of children that have learning difficulties.
  • I liked the presenters’ passion for their topics. They were so knowledgeable.
  • Navigating Your Child’s Learning Style was a wonderful presentation. It helped me as a parent and a teacher.
  • The Design of Montessori Environments was excellent. The content and presentation were great.

'We will take these ideas and apply at home for our children.'

  • The Overscheduled Kids Session was awesome. This should be taught to all parents in schools.
  • The Overscheduled Kids Session gave me good ideas and understanding of this topic that I can apply in the 3-6 year old classroom and to my own teenage boys.
  • The Nutrition session will be great information for me to take back to the parents of children I teach.
  • The Nutrition session was extremely helpful and the resources suggested are outstanding.
  • The Nutrition session was so practical. 

'It was great to have an authority from Children’s Hospital on this topic.'