Upper School - Grades 9 -12: Fast Facts

  • 21st century formalized servant leadership program involving every student.
  • Comprehensive fine arts program that includes Graphic Design, AP Portfolio, Photography, Sculpture, AP Music Theory, Vocal and acappella choral repertoire, ensemble singing, instrumental music and theatre.
  • National Merit Finalists - Highest percent of seniors of any public or Catholic school in Cincinnati. 
  • Extensive advanced placement offerings in 20 subject areas with over 88% of Summit students taking courses prior to graduation.
  • Students log over 10,000 hours of service yearly through Christian Community and Service Learning Program.
  • 100% of graduates attending degree granting institutions. Four-person counseling team in a small school setting ensures that each student is guided onto college of best fit.
  • Nationally recognized writing program with yearly published pieces and formal program ensures all students can generate quality college level research. More Summit students have been published in “Concord Review,” literary guide that publishes top 3% of papers submitted nationally from high school students, than any other school in Cincinnati.
  • Extensive use of technology to enhance teaching and learning: Smart Board technology; Apple and PC computers, laptops and tablets; state-of-the-art infrastructure for wireless technology; extensive software library.
  • Four year Advisory Program ensures that every child is known, understood and proactively guided.
  • Collegiate-style learning center offers enrichment, support and intervention though technology, professional tutors, peer tutors and an intervention specialist.
  • Highly competitive athletic programs: 22 varsity sports; 80% of freshman play at least one sport; no cut policy.
  • Partnerships- The Upper School is invoved with several universities: University of Cincinnati's STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), Xavier University's Leadership in the Professional Learning Community and Collegium Program.

The Summit at a Glance

  • Character trait focus by grade - Montessori through the 12th grade.
  • Formation of Faith and Formation of Conscience program by grade.
  • Manners and social skills emphasis by grade.
  • Thirteen year world language program, Montessori through 12th grade.
  • The Summit online Portal helps parents monitor their child's performance and daily activities.